Working with Bob, I have realized the importance of the mental side of sports and how it can transform your game. In pro sports, everyone has the skill but not everyone has the mindset required to be consistent on a daily basis, which is what separates the good from the great.


Bob has helped me build a consistently confident mindset that I take with me every time I step on the ice. I find it much easier to get into the “zone” and keep a calm quiet mind when I need it most. This is especially important as a goalie because one mental mistake can cost you the game. Having a strong consistent mindset by using the tools and techniques that Bob taught me has helped eliminate mental errors so I can be at my best every night.  Bob has not only helped me on the ice, but the principals that I have learned from him help me in my everyday life with relationships and my decision-making.


His commitment to his clients is shown by always being available to talk, whether its before/after a game, I always know I can get ahold of him if I need anything at all. I chose to work with Bob because I am confident in his abilities and know that he will help take my game to the next level.



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