An Athlete's Mindset 

There are only 3 things to train:  Body, Craft, Mind

As an athlete, you work very hard to develop the physical skills in your sports. For years, you have been practicing the techniques, spending countless hours in the gym and believing that just practicing these skills and building physical strength is what will make you perform at your best.

But your brain and how you use your mind is what runs your body and creates high performance.

All of our beliefs, attitudes, reactions, values, behaviours, emotions, memories, conditioned self talk are all stored in our unconscious mind. We have been conditioned by our past experiences in life.


Negative experiences tend to leave emotional baggage and limited beliefs inside our mind and body. These mental blocks prevent you from performing at your best and taking your game and life to new heights.

Align Your Mind will coach you or your team on how to:

Stay in the present moment

Control your focus

Front load your mind

Remove distractions

Play with joy and passion

Develop consistency

Build a strong foundation of