Mental Health Therapy


Release the subconscious mindsets that

are holding you back.

Elite Performance Coaching

Coaching athletes and teams to have elite


and how to create the mindsets and mental environment for CONSISTENCY and SUCCESS.

Robert Broten is a mental health and performance coach working with elite amateur and professional athletes including Junior, College and Professionals to elevate their mental game to another level.


He is the founder of Align Your Mind Mental Coaching,

a leader in sports mental health management working with athletes all over Canada, USA and Europe.

Robert is a Master Practitioner of

Neuro-Linguistic Programming,

Mental Emotional Release, and Hypnotherapy.

Certified by the Association of Integrative Psychology in 2014.


Roberts ability to quickly remove the mental blocks and limiting decisions that inhibit athletes. This allows those players to quickly change their mindset and their dominate in their game.


Robert provides them the daily mental tools needed to consistently perform with confidence and clarity. With years of experience in a high performance environment, Robert teaches athletes to be consistent in the way they manage their mind and prepare, perform and recover.


He challenges and supports athletes and coaches to create strong mental and behavioural habits

so they can build elite focus, manage adversity and get promoted to the next level.


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Since I started working with Bob I have noticed huge improvements in my game. We were able to uncover some mental blocks I had unconsciously built up over my career and Bob gave me the skills to overcome the barriers and excel on the ice.

Every session we have together we are finding new ways to improve my mental performance and it is translating directly into success on the ice.

I have been able to dial in and bring consistency to my game since working with Bob. He has helped me remove my anxiety and he has shown me how to develop and maintain a high level of confidence as I work towards the NHL. I wouldn't be where I am today without him.




Working with Bob, I have realized the importance of the mental side of sports and how it can transform your game. In pro sports, everyone has the skill but not everyone has the mindset required to be consistent on a daily basis, which is what separates the good from the great.


Bob has helped me build a consistently confident mindset that I take with me every time I step on the ice. I find it much easier to get into the “zone” and keep a calm quiet mind when I need it most. This is especially important as a goalie because one mental mistake can cost you the game. Having a strong consistent mindset by using the tools and techniques that Bob taught me has helped eliminate mental errors so I can be at my best every night.  Bob has not only helped me on the ice, but the principals that I have learned from him help me in my everyday life with relationships and my decision-making.


His commitment to his clients is shown by always being available to talk, whether its before/after a game, I always know I can get ahold of him if I need anything at all. I chose to work with Bob because I am confident in his abilities and know that he will help take my game to the next level.




Before working with Bob I definitely tended to overlook the mental part of my game. He has shown me the importance of it and how even the littlest things can hold you back. Working with Bob has been a complete game changer for me. He has given me the ability to work through and get past the mental blocks that have been dragging me down for some time now.


Through the mental rehearsals I have become a more confident and consistent player on the ice. As you climb to different levels in your hockey career you realize everyone is talented and has the skill. It's the littlest things that separate the good from the great. Bob gives you the the mental edge to be at your very best every time you hit the ice.

I want to thank Bob for everything that he has done for me. The dedication towards his clients is second to none. I will continue to take what he has taught me and use it throughout the rest of my life.



I have had mental coaching in the past and working with Bob was a great refresher when it came to having a positive view of life. Working with Bob didn’t only improve my game, but also assisted me away from the rink.

When it comes to hockey, Bob sent me a visualization clip that I could listen to before each game. This allowed me to be better prepared for situations on the ice. It actually taught me how to focus in on how my body felt so I could recreate a calm excitement for each game as well as anticipate plays that actually did happen throughout games.

Away from the rink I have always been claustrophobic which is obviously an issue for a hockey player who travels regularly. Taking elevators, flying, or even sitting in the back of 2 door vehicles has always made me very uncomfortable. Through repetitive work with Bob I was able to take steps in the right direction in order to overcome this phobia. I’d like to thank Bob for his dedication and professionalism as I will utilize his teachings in many ways throughout my life.



STEPHEN KLEYSEN, University of Niagara, NCAA DIV 1

"Working with Bob has helped me stay relaxed and confident of the ice. He has worked with me to release certain emotions and behaviors that were previously holding me back allowing me to be more centered toward my goals.


The confidence that I have been able to build and maintain by working with Bob has helped me to be consistent on the ice and keep any off ice problems from affecting my on ice performance. I have been able to do things that I didn’t even know I was capable of, by believing in my ability and harnessing the confidence I have created.


There is a new level of maturity in my game because I have been able to prime my mind of what I want to achieve before I even step onto the ice. I am excited to continue working with Bob to fulfill the goals that I have set for myself. "


ZACH COURT, University of Alaska - Anchorage, NCAA DIV 1

"Working with Bob has increased my ability to understand the importance of mental strength and preparation in order to be successful on and off the ice.

Bobs commitment to aligning your mind with your athletic ability will give players the advantage needed to reach their goals."